Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Links for Mrs. Guilmette's C & G Block World Lit Classes

Below are some recommended resources for your World Lit research paper. Feel free to use other resources, but especially if you're searching on Google, keep the CRAAP test in mind!

Databases and Online Reference Materials 
(full list of available databases is here)
Open Web
Citation Resources

Links for Mr. Bennett's C Block Public Speaking Class

Databases and Online Reference Materials 
The full list of available databases and online reference resources is here. See below for a few databases that might be particularly helpful, depending on your topic.
Open Web
  • Always use the CRAAP test to decide if an online source is worth using!
Citation Resources

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vote in the MSLA Bookmark Contest!

Want to see great bookmarks created by students across the state, including UHS senior Krysten Boyer? Vote for your favorites in each age bracket by following this link.

For more details, watch this video created by students at Sharon High School!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January/February Library Newsletter

The January/February UHS Library Newsletter is here - check it out!

Featured this month:

  • Research tips
  • Upcoming events at the public library
  • Upcoming Anime Club and Book Club dates

Monday, January 9, 2017

MSLA Bookmark Contest - Entries Due to Ms. C by January 12!

Short notice, but for any student interested in entering this year's MSLA Bookmark Contest, entries are due to Ms. C by this Thursday, January 12.

This year's theme is "Beyond the Binding," and the entry form and more information can be found online or in the library.

Past winning designs from UHS student Krysten Boyer.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

February 2 Book Club: Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Book Club's next pick is Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford; all are welcome to join the discussion after school in the library on Thursday, February 2. If you need a copy, speak with Ms. Charpentier or visit the Uxbridge Free Public Library.

From Goodreads: "Fifteen-year-old Jeff wakes up on New Year's Day to find himself in the hospital. Make that the psychiatric ward. With the nutjobs. Clearly, this is all a huge mistake. Forget about the bandages on his wrists and the notes on his chart. Forget about his problems with his best friend, Allie, and her boyfriend, Burke. Jeff's perfectly fine, perfectly normal, not like the other kids in the hospital with him. Now they've got problems. But a funny thing happens as his forty-five-day sentence drags on: the crazies start to seem less crazy. Compelling, witty, and refreshingly real, Suicide Notes is a darkly humorous novel from award-winning author Michael Thomas Ford that examines that fuzzy line between 'normal' and the rest of us."

The meetings for the rest of the year are:

If you enjoyed any recent Book Club picks, don't forget to look for similar books on display at each meeting and archived on Pinterest!

Links for Mrs. Lussier's C Block Forensics Class

  • A selection of books with information on the serial killers Mrs. Lussier has suggested to you are on display in the library. Not every book has information on all the cases and individuals, so be sure to check the index or table of contents.
  • To look for books at the Uxbridge Free Public Library or the C/W MARS library system that can be placed on hold and sent to the Uxbridge library for you, locate your public library card and go to If you do not have a public library card, get an application from Ms. C or at the public library and visit with some form of identification.
Database Resources