Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10 Guidelines for Digital Citizenship

Doug Johnson, Director of Libraries and Technology for Mankato, MN public schools and author of the Blue Skunk Blog, has compiled a Top 10 List of Guidelines for Digital Citizenship that everyone should follow.

1. Protect your online privacy.
2. Respect the online privacy of others.
3. Protect your property.
4. Respect the property of others.
5. Respect the rules, values, and policies of your family, religion, community, and school.
6. Understand the values of other cultures, religions, and communities.
7. Build a positive online reputation and portfolio of work.
8. Use online communications in constructive ways, doing nothing you would not do in a F2F setting.
9. Evaluate the accuracy of any information you find or receive online - or share online.
10. Maintain a healthy balance between your online activities and relationships with your physical world activities and relationships.