Monday, December 10, 2012

Edmodo - Like Facebook for the Classroom

Edmodo is essentially a microblogging system designed specifically for teachers and students.  Very similar to Facebook in appearance and functionality, Edmodo provides teachers with a place to create student groups, post assignment reminders, calendars, images, and videos.  Edtech blogger Richard Byrne, recently outlined 15 ways teachers and students can use Edmodo:

1. Post assignments for students (teachers can attach files to assignments)
2. Create digital libraries (store important files in one central location)
3. Post messages on the "wall" (a great way for students to ask questions)
4. Create learning groups (create project groups for students)
5. Post polls for students (gather informal feedback)
6. Post a quiz for students to take (multiple choice, T/F, short answer, etc.)
7. Connect with other teachers (participate in discussion groups)
8. Create a calendar of events and assignments
9. Access Edmodo through free iPhone and Android apps
10. Turn in assignments (students upload documents and teachers annotate)
11. Create parent accounts (parents can see their children's assignments)
12. Generate printable class rosters
13. Embed Wallwisher into Edmodo for brainstorming sessions
14. Embed videos, images, and audio clips on your wall
15. Use your browser bookmarklet to add content to your Edmodo library