Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Reading Challenge

The Winter Reading Challenge is here!

From now until spring, take part in up to 10 reading challenges. In the past, the challenge has been to read as much as possible (which you're absolutely encouraged to continue doing!). This year, there will be a series of small challenges to read different kinds of materials, some of which might be outside of your reading comfort zone and make you think a little bit differently about what it means to be a reader.

For each reading challenge that you complete or book discussion that you attend, you earn a point. The challenge winner will be the person with the most points earned by the first week of spring.

The first reading challenge: read a poem. Not sure where to find one? Check out the display in the library, try the shelves at 811 and 821, or look at some of these links. To get your point for the week, either write down a quick review of the poem on one of the challenge slips available in the library and breakout areas and give it to Ms. Charpentier, or visit the library and verbally tell Ms. Charpentier about it.

Looking for another way to start earning points right away? Join in the discussion of Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen on Thursday, January 9, after school in the Library Media Center.