Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Marathon and #BostonBetter

As we look forward to this year's race, here are a few ways Boston institutions are collecting and preserving the items, images, and words that tell the story of last year's marathon.

 Northeastern University is hosting digital archive as a memorial. From their site:

Our Marathon” is a crowd-sourced archive of pictures, videos, stories, and even social media related to the Boston Marathon; the bombing on April 15, 2013; the subsequent search, capture, and trial of the individuals who planted the bombs; and the city’s healing process. The archive will serve as a long-term memorial, preserving these records for students and researchers, providing future historians with invaluable, local windows into an important national event.

 Another project is #BostonBetter, which is a collaboration amongst Boston libraries, museums, and archives. If you're going to be in Boston this month, their Dear Boston: Messages from the Memorial exhibit will be on display at the Boston Public Library until May 11.