Monday, March 13, 2017

Links for Mr. MacKenzie's B & G Block World Lit Classes

Below are some recommended resources for your research paper on The Kite Runner. Feel free to use other resources, but especially if you're searching on Google, keep the CRAAP test in mind!

Citation Resources
Databases and Online Reference Materials
(full list of available databases is here)
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Try these eBooks:
    • Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
    • Encyclopedia of Religion
    • Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
    • Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
    • World Religions Reference Library
    You need a free BPL eCard to access JSTOR; sign up here.
  • Global Issues in Context
    Try these pages under Browse Issues:
    • 9/11: Tenth Anniversary
    • Afghan War
    • Afghanistan
    • Al-Qaeda
    • Islam: Sunni and Shiite Disputes
    • Islamophobia
    • Pakistan-Afghanistan Conflict Over Border Region
    • Taliban Resurgence in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    Try these pages under Browse Issues:
    • 9/11 Attacks
    • Afghan War
    • Islamophobia
    • Taliban
    • Terrorism
  • U.S. History in Context
    Try this page under Browse Topics:
    • 9/11 and Its Aftermath
  • World History in Context
    Try these pages under Browse Topics:
    • Afghanistan
    • Islam
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